Day 1 – Juba, South Sudan

I’m sitting at the river’s edge in Juba, South Sudan. The world’s newest country, and a country born into a troubled existence. Not that you would know it from where I’m sitting. The river Juba is wide and, although reasonably fast, it’s also serene. There are large islands of reeds rustling calmly with the faintest whisper of a breeze on this humid evening. The mountains are peeking out from behind lush green trees that stretch into the distance. The sky is a very pale, milky blue, with a few whispy clouds. My stewed fish arrived, a lovely big juicy snapper or some such, whole, stewed in onions and tomatoes and lovely and tasty, served with a big portion of white rice. Yum scummly dumscious.… I wolfed it down pretty quickly as the flies seemed to have serious plans for it! I went to see if I could get an internet connection, and got one in reception thanks to the nice ladies who reset their modem just for li’l ol’ me.

Even with the rebooted modem, I could barely get any signal, so just sent a brief email to Euan letting him know I was alive! Forgot to mention that I have the proof of life questions and answers though! Eeeeekkk! So I’m back in my room now, which is ultra basic, but does have a decent water flow for a nice, cold shower! Much needed after a sticky day like today! There is an AC unit in the room, and a little telly, and a lovely big mozzie net over the bed, which I’ve just taken refuge under.