Happy Days!

Evening all!  Hope your day was as pleasant as mine!  Its just gone 11pm and I’m back in the guesthouse in Islamabad after a quite successful day.  We managed to get a huge big banner for Save the Children – 12ft x 6ft – stuck up on the front wall of the 2 day UN Habitat conference on Learning from Disasters…  Great location, will be seen by lots of HobNobs over the next couple of days as the conference is on, so maybe somebody will throw us a few coins so we can get building critical shelters down in Lower Sindh.

This morning was lovely and clear in Islamabad, but there really is a chill in the air… I think this cold snap seems to have hit quite a few countries recently, the day before yesterday they were saying that there was snow in Korea or something!!!

Had a good, although very long, 4 hour Technical Working Group meeting today at IOM…  amazing how long you can argue about the simplest of construction techniques!  How many engineers and architects does it take to build a shelter??? 😀  Anyway, we are getting there, slow and steady wins the race, right?

Ooooooohhh  and a couple of interesting mentions of work today!  Funny how you don’t hear anything about work when you need it, but as soon as you have a job, lots of opportunities appear?  What is that about?  It’s like when you are single you can’t find any nice blokes, but as soon as you have a nice man tucked away at home – that’s you baby – the men come out of the woodwork!  Not that you need to worry about me in Islamabad, Euan…  I don’t think I’m really what the regular Pakistani man is going for…  but my friend Jackie who helped me get the banner up tonight in the Marriott Hotel seems to be seriously attracting the male attention!  It was fantastic this evening!  We didn’t have to do anything!  We arrived in with a banner with no hammer and no nails, and Jackie asked one of the Hotel Staff if we could have a hammer and a couple of nails, a few minutes later we had two men from maintenance on a step ladder putting up our banner for us!  Yay for good looking ladiies!

Well that’s it for this evening, have a good one guys, and I’ll catch up with you soon!

All the best,


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  1. I only just started reading this. Loving following your news. Thinking you are getting a bit excited about latrines these days!

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